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Does this sound like your copier company?

  • Does your copier company just send you bills but you never get to see a representative?
  • Are you tired of slow, unreliable service and frequent downtime?
  • Aggravated that you can’t get toner when you need it?
  • Does your copier company lack IT support leaving you frustrated while your copier company, IT company and internet provider point fingers at each other?

What to Expect

Here is what you can expect when you work with us.

Honest Sales & Reliable Copier Support
Our friendly, experienced team members will help you from start to finish. We will make sure the equipment you get will be the equipment you need for your business, not just what someone wants to sell you. We strive to ensure that you are using the most appropriate tools for your situation so you can be productive and efficient.
If you’re leasing, we’ll be there at the end of the term to remind you when to contact the leasing company so you can avoid unwanted and costly automatic contract renewals. We’ll help you choose your next copier and make sure the old one is shipped properly to where it’s supposed to go.

Fast Response
Brandon Business Machines provides fast, proactive service. Our factory certified technicians are scheduled to visit your office at regular intervals to clean your equipment and make sure it is maintained properly. Not just when you have an emergency or failure. This results in less downtime and fewer failures. What’s more, we guarantee a four business hour response time for service calls.

Your time is valuable
Because we know downtime slows office productivity and cost you money, Brandon Business Machines uses automated reporting tools. We’ll see when your toner is getting lower have it delivered to you before you need it. We’ll know about jamming issues and error codes before you even get a chance to call us. Meter reporting is automated so you never have to waste time sending us your meter readings. We can provide reports upon request so you can be sure of accuracy.

Your Peace of Mind
Our team will remotely monitor your equipment for performance issues or supply problems. We do our best to address these issues before they turn into larger problems that can cause downtime. This proactive approach leads to improved uptime and peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that your equipment is always under the watchful eyes of our qualified professionals.

Our goal is to be your trusted copier advisor. Ask our team members any question that you have about your copier, applications, features, or connectivity.


  • LOCK


    "The biggest benefit to moving our VoIP service to BBM is having support that is always prompt and efficient. Being able to combine all our IT needs into one company and doing business with a company that makes an effort to understand all of our growing business needs was a real plus. We have associates in multiple states and they have been very helpful with all remote personnel. We were previously with a large VoIP company and have not regretted our move to BBM once. They give us prompt service and personalized attention, no creating a service ticket and waiting 24 hours for a response."

    - Jennifer Wall
    Lock Travel Management

  • 9


    "BBM was the first and only company that IEG has been using from the very first day of IEG. We have just celebrated our ten-year anniversary and have been very pleased and happy with their services. They are honest in the products and services that they offer and BBM is always be on top of any problems that we have had. They work diligently and professionally to resolve the problems as fast as they can."

    - Maris Sacornvasi
    Infinity Engineering Group

  • Headshot


    "The machines provided including the refurbished machines have been very reliable. At any time when we needed service the response time compared to others has been very quick. We have never experienced being down with our copier since moving to BBM. We are a company that takes a great deal of pride in our customer service and we partner with companies that feel the same as we do. Good customer service is hard to find and when you do; you want to share it. If you want to have a great product that is serviced with excellence then BBM is the right business partner."

    - Jean Marie Treimanis
    JL Marine Systems, Inc.

  • MCG


    Brandon Business Machines is a friendly, Christian based company with multiple knowledgeable and professional individuals that are only a phone call or email away to help with any issues that we have. Their product range covers many areas of technology so it is nice to be able to work with one company that can take care of various specialties and not have to have multiple companies and invoices.

    - Susan Harrison
    Manager and Owner at

    Medical Collection Group, LLC

  • 10


    "We have been with Brandon Business Machines for as long as I remember. The single biggest benefit to me is the fact that every single time I call about a question or an issue I get a personal response right away and the solution is always found quickly without any difficulties. I have not worked with any other companies in the past, but the proactive, professional, thoughtful, but non-pestering nature of BBM is greatly appreciated. If you want a company that truly cares about your copier/printer needs as well as cares about your business needs and welfare and not just making a sale, BBM has the perfect personal touch."

    - Christopher Butler
    Vistra Communications

  • Jennifer Schuttig, MHA

    Jennifer Schuttig, MHA

    "BBM has superior customer service. The technicians are very accessible and quick to respond. We decided to get pricing from BBM when our previous phone company representative quoted an extremely high bid for new landline phones. Having worked with BBM before with our IT and copier needs, we decided to contact them for phone service. We now have newer phones offering more features and have one main phone line with multiple extensions. We did not lose any of the important features that we enjoyed on our previous phone system, in fact we gained many more features. Additionally, when our initial VoIP phones were not working properly, Bryan replaced all the phones with newer and better VoIP phones."

    - Jennifer Schuttig, MHA
    Practice Administrator
    Jack A Davidson, DDS, MD, PLLC

  • "I came to BBM after a break-in at my business the night before left a vital piece of equipment non-functional. Greg was undeterred in getting the equipment repaired, creatively going "old school" in the process. Thanks BBM for getting my business functionality back to 100%."

    - Jay Paules,
    Campbell's Dairyland

  • Tiffany Bullard

    Tiffany Bullard

    "There are many benefits to switching to BBM’s VoIP since we were so behind the times, so modern equipment with voice mail is a big plus; however, the biggest thing is the traceability of calls in and out of the company has helped us find out where some of our customer service was failing. The biggest benefit with using BBM is response time. Having a partner that is there when we call and handles our issues rapidly is a level of service you don’t see much these days. Big companies promise the moon and then after you sign on the dotted line, they are not near as quick to handle your problems. You won’t regret choosing BBM. They will not let you down!"

    - Pam Newby
    Controller at Critical System Solutions

  • ESL


    "The biggest benefit to our company since making the switch to BBM’s VoIP solution is that we are now up with the times and not in the stone age with phone technology. They were very professional and attentive to what we needed and still provide us with the needed support and changes that we request of them. If you are on the fence about this I would say take the leap. It is so worth it and brings a new level of professionalism to your company."

    - Tiffany Bullard
    Controller at Critical System Solutions

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